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  6. "A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
    And today I don’t know how to even say hey"
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    hand painted custom blb notorious 03


    hand painted custom dosnoventa tokyo “dosnoventa yokohama”

    price made by order

    ship world wide

    store http://w-ht.com/store

    blog http://w-ht.com/blog

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    kik william_h_t



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    Dave couldn’t wait to share his newest creation with us; he has put a lot of time, and love into this build. We recently caught up with him whilst we were in Melbourne for the Melburn Roobaix to take some photos.

    You can see the full article on his build at The Fixed Life, and the specs of the bike at Pedal Room.

    All photos by Liam O’Donnell.

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  10. Comic By Sans

  11. Not Hood By Air.

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    Japan is always so interesting.

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    Well that kid got some ninja skills…!

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    LaFerrari. (by NooK Photos)